Bonus Cards:

2 points for card Q
3 points for cards K, X and Z

Warp Cards:

If a player draws a warp card, then the player must follow the direction on the card to continue gameplay.

Rules*Suggestion Assign 

timekeeper and scorekeeper.*

Figure out who goes first by using your brain.

  1. Prepare for battle: Set the timer for 45 seconds.

  2. Pick a card and start the timer. If a warp card is drawn, do not start time.

  3. With warp cards, reading is fundamental. What it says on the card goes.

  4. You have 45 seconds to come up with as many insults as possible. The letter you pick, is the letter you use. Don’t mess up. We’re all rooting for you.

  5. And it keeps going like this. That’s the game. Whoever wins two of three round is the winner.

  6. Draw? Figure it out. Struggling? Tweet us @winsults

House Rules:

Much of this game is subject to house rules. Be a grown up and figure some things out for yourself. We believe in you for the most part.


If a word is contested Scorekeeper marks the point with an asterisk. House determines if the insult is valid at the end of the round.


Winning the Game:

*Suggestion: Play best two of three rounds The player who wins the most rounds wins the game.*

Examples for those who didn't comprehend: 

Imagine you're at a party, and you bring Winsults (obviously). You’re playing against your significant other who you’ve only been dating for two weeks. It’s your turn. You get the letter “B.”


There are many insults that start with B--bum, bad, busted, big, burly-- you go through them all, but there’s a five letter one that’s particularly chaotic. Forty seconds gone, only five seconds left to win the round. You can’t think of any other B insults.


Do you unleash the chaos? That’s for you to decide.

Alternative Play Modes:

Make other players smile by using compliments instead of insults.


Go from one on one to way more fun. Team mode means this duel goes

from per- son-vs-person to



The duel becomes an all out battle as the spectator becomes the player. Ditch the timer and warp cards. All mode means everyone gets a chance to battle it out this round.

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Winsults the dangerously fun insult party card game that tests your knowledge and your relationships.