The dangerously fun insult card game that tests your knowledge and relationships.


What is Winsults?

Winsults is the dangerously fun insult card game. With anyone you know, you insult each other using your knowledge and imagination. The Winsults deck provides the structure. You decide how far you’re willing to go.

How do I play?

The official rules can be found here.

What's included with the game?

1 Deck includes: 26 Alphabet Cards 9 Warp Cards 1 Instructions Brochure

Where can I buy Winsults?

WInsults is exclusively sold on our site. Purchase your game and special edition decks here.

Winsults Deck

Winsults Deck


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Such a fun game! My lady and I got this and quickly discovered how vast our shared vocabulary is. I’d highly recommend this, but not just for the classic game mode itself. If you choose to pelt each other with compliments after a few rounds of insults, I guarantee you’ll learn some new words. Great game!

- Brendan O'Shaughnessy

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Winsults was created by husband and wife duo, Davon Ford and Lanee Higgins. When Davon started creating rules while roasting Lanee, the couple had no idea they had a hit on their hands.

Winsults captures the best moments. With insults, players laugh at their misfortunes and insecurities with the ones they love. With compliments, they brighten their lowest moments with those they love. All of these memories are packed into the bright orange and black box.


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